What Beauty Fave Have You Been Using Forever?


What beauty brander item have you been using forever that you won't give up okay Dell's going roller is when I say this but I still would say Nour's orgasm blush I know I always have said this literally been around for twenty ears like yonkers but it's just that perfect peachy color it was kind of almost like a highlighter meets blush before him highlighter were popular because it just gives you this beautiful sheen and again like I personally think it would I can't see any skin tone that it wouldn't look lovely on you and I think that's part of the magic of that product yeah and I also like I used to have the powder one where I literally used it down like the Compaq was break King off like I think when it breaks off in there in two separate pieces yeah and I hit Pan and all that and like I love the liquid version as well I just think At the end of the day if I am feeling shitty or looking shitty and I need to like brighten my face instantly without having to do all these different tips or tricks if I put it on yeah no it's GonNa make a remarkable difference and those are like the products that I really like are the ones whereas just like a small thing to do look many more times better I have two k. a bit of a cop out number one is skin suitable C- forensic it works on every single person it is otened it is so good and it is just totally brightening it's basically if you used that and a sunscreen and then like a night cream it's all you need for anti-aging although vitamin NC vitamin C. Vitamin E. and for rolling acid and those three things in Combo in this like little apothecary bottle it's foggy and it's like one hundred twenty bucks I think got it Yep plenty of times yeah I think it really really works and I feel comfortable recommending that like across the board okay he will like it second thing that I have just give a little shout out for C. Schlock game changing product where it every two weeks standing appointment I thought you were going to say the cosmetic CC cream out into the world and you know what with beauty and beauty products really and truly their nails is the only thing that you personally get to look at all day yeah that's true and so they'll go you feel good when you have them done and some a game changing product and we actually did interview Jan have so much respect for her in July of two thousand eighteen have you want to go back and listen to that it's a fun episode thank you

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