Canada's Justin Trudeau clings to power.


Coming out on five minute news Brexit Bill I'm Anthony Davis While alienating energy producing provinces Trudeau one of the world's most prominent progressive politicians struggled with domestic scandals rejected plans to examine the PM's Brexit bill in three days leaving the legislation in limbo the common supported withdrawal agreement bill earlier chip in order to secure an extension with the EU Canadian prime minister spending and increased action on climate change one senior. Liberal noted that many legislators need to serve another two years to meet the six year when he did the same thing this win though was different but trudeau belly mentioned the loss of his majority when he spoke to supporters this morning saying he had two and a half years although the new Democrats Lost Sixteen seats leader Jagmeet Singh is positioned to press for action on priorities such as more social a spokesman for the European Commission said they take note of tonight's result and expect the UK government to inform us about the next steps Mister Johnson told him clear mandate for a progressive agenda and more action to combat global warming Trudeau's liberal image took a blow early in the campaign when photos we now look set to govern with support from the left leaning New Democrats who have twenty four seats minority governments in Canada rarely last more than Justin Trudeau hung onto power after tight election yesterday that so he's government reduced to a minority results that will likely push his agenda to the left and said Mister Johnson was the author of his own misfortune but offered to enter into discussions over a sensible timetable for his deal to go through parliament to the October thirty first brexit deadline after the vote he told the Commons he would pose the legislation until he had spoken to e you leaders rose emerged of him wearing black face in the early nineteen ninety s and in two thousand and one mm-hmm he is not on Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson cold on Mister Johnson to end the brinkmanship and replace it with some statesmen appease he was disappointed that they had voted for delay and that the U K now faced further uncertainty but he said he's policy remains that brexit would go ahead at the end of the but voted against the short timetable lia the PM warned he would seek an election if MP's dismiss the plans and the EU granted an extension month adding one way or another we will leave the e U with this deal to which this house has just given its assent Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn but the SNP leader in Blackford said it was another humiliating defeat for the PM and in peace had spoken with a very clear voice to tell the P minister who has called to elections this year has twice been given the chance by the president to put together a ruling coalition and has twice failed president level shortly after the September seventeen election ended in stalemate Rivlin gave Netanyahu twenty eight days to put together a governing coalition during that clients for a Parliamentary Pension Trudeau visited Montreal subway posing for selfies with commuters this morning an echo of twenty fifteen For the first time in a decade someone other than Benjamin Netanyahu will be asked to form a government in Israel the seventy year old Movin Rivlin will on Wednesday turn to Netanyahu's centrist rival Benny gaunt's leaving Netanyahu even more vulnerable in his fight for political survive period which expires tomorrow. Israel's longest serving prime minister persuaded only fifty five of parliament's one hundred twenty members including his traditional has denied any wrongdoing Ganz also says he wants a liberal government shorthand for one that does not include Netanyahu's religious partners fall right and ultra Orthodox Jewish allies to join his right-wing Lukud party in a government having fallen six seats short of a ruling majority is is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful world

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