Ellen DeGeneres defends sitting next to George W. Bush at game: 'Be kind to one another'


Dallas Cowboys Green Bay game on Sunday they showed it the couple of familiar faces there sitting together in a crowd that was former president George W. bush and daytime TV talk show host Ellen de generous and they called it the conservative Republican president and the gay Hollywood liberal that's the way she described a pair may seem like opposites but they're having a great time together and chatting and laughing when the TV cameras caught him and for many it was welcome sight in today's polarized political environment but there were others who attacked them liberals who turned on their comrade Ellen and the attacks were so pervasive that Ellen felt the need to put out a video explaining it on Monday a day before the clip would come out on TV and in the clip the host said that just because I don't agree with someone on everything doesn't mean I'm not going to be friends with them when I say be kind to one another I don't mean only the people who think the same way you do I mean be kind to everyone it doesn't matter and liberals are still attacking her for being friendly with someone that they hate man that is just ridiculous I'm tied Meyer is Ellen the generous for her take on this and for fighting

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