Microsoft's Win, Facebook's New News, SALTy About Taxes

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There may very well be lawsuits about this there may be depositions about this there may be all sorts of litigation so we're going to see what happens they can do it you can say whatever you want on your facebook posting and they can't police that but if they're accepting money for it they should probably be held to stand for that it's it's advertised it's an advertisement are knocked does that change anything meaning if I if I was running for for mayor of New York and I started just posting things that were blatantly look I think I think that's a tougher situation to try and assess that's where you can make the claim that you are simply posting board in the things get up but for anything you're accepting ads for why aren't you held the same standard as other broadcasters would would would naturally be for that you're accepting advertising so there is some interaction accepting money whether you laugh at about over the big bad wolf lung capacity legend and Bacon and easiest at six there's some that you really can't repeat on here I just saw one for for Ted Bundy but they're they how many are there are literally thousands of these people went on surprised on twitter tie I missed it I'm on a different version twitter than you are and the New York Times reports that Boeing help to craft the law late last year that undercuts the government's role in approving the design of new airplanes report says that the company and its allies shaped the language of the legislation to their liking overcoming criticism from regulators including the FAA mummers is going to be testifying this week so so he's going to be having to to answer a lot of these it is well the whole idea of self regulation which is a huge part of what's happened in the airline industry is fascinating and by the way not just happening I discovered because look into this weekend that's happening the United States a lot of this is because Airbus and what's happening in Europe is following the same similar similar approach understand the argument that there may not be qualified people in the government to sign off on some of these things but it it argues for changes structure I if Boeing or Airbus is going to pay for it they should ultimately answer to the laters not and you also had members of the writing letters saying this is not the way to do it right right well I think the biggest question this is even if the government has issues what safety this gives the manufacturers upper hand and this particular legislation and the weekend at the box office joker reclaim the one spot eighteen point nine million North American ticket sales it had been pushed out of the top spot last week by Disney's malefic mistress of evil jokers now the most successful R. rated movie ever with the global take eight hundred forty nine million dollars you from Manhattan into the stairs in Brooklyn that everyone is going and take them Celsius where he does some kind of weird scary I've not seen George people that are yeah exactly yes I can imagine how many people taking taking shots so so far so good with this scary sick movie right I mean he's very talented that that guys are wiped out but he's right but he's very very very tone eh wacked up about the talent part but the stairs are in the Wadden Brooklyn let's go next unsquashed Odd Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has new hope for low income homebuyers we're back after this what kind of Tech Company does the world needs today one that applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise not just for some but for all with a I blockchain and quantum technology IBM IS PARTNERING WITH CLIENTS TO DEVELOP SMART scalable technologies that help businesses worked better together. let's expect more from technology let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more

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