Oregon's Ghost Forest


Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I'm your host kid chrome today the Oregon Ghost forest here I am deviating from ghost town to ghost forest but Oregon's ghost forest is perhaps one of the area's natural phenomenon you'll see what she'll be looking at three low tides roles in researchers aren't sure when the force was buried but by most accounts it was likely a massive cascadia subduction zone earthquake that did it in a last one hit in the winter of seventeen hundred and the next one is expected someday soon some locals attests that the I was always visible for decades but it didn't gain popularity until that winter of nineteen ninety seven ninety eight when storms pummeled the coast and Uncut birds more and more of the trees today the ghost force can be seen year-round during low tide though exceptional low tide one that approach a minus to feed reveal far more of the trees and is usually seen from the NASCAR when beach parking lot walk South along the Beach Pass proposal rock Ross through small stream and you'll see the stumps rising out of the sand created by the same kind of massive earthquake expected to strike Oregon in the very near future the ghost force is not only reminder the past but a chilling almond for what destruction may lay ahead sometimes the true power of nature lies limits devastation rushing just beneath our feet for centuries these old stumps were hidden under the sand peaking above the surf only briefly every couple of days gauge the Ghost Forces near proposal rock is part of the NASCAR went beach state recreation site the stumps what's left of the tree best seen in winter Bentley were from Sitka spruce trees that grew a hundred and fifty to two hundred feet when the quake hit that drop them into the ocean the ground apparently descended twenty five feet it was January twenty six seventeen hundred approximately nine pm Pacific standard time to be exact the earthquake was said to be a magnitude eight or nine which lasted five or six minutes it occurred along the Cascadia Subduction Zone six hundred miles stretch between Vancouver Island British Columbia and Cape Mendocino California American research issues carbon dating on the spruce trees Pete and fossilized Plas Sitka spruce as far apart as Washington Northern California guide from the high waters during the name few decades sometime between sixteen ninety five and seventeen twenty their rings were wide right up to to the last ring proving that a sudden event rather than slow sea level rise was the culprit earthquake this mysterious area is fairly easy to access only fifteen miles north of Lincoln City Oregon Highway One at milepost ninety eight you will find the quiet community of Nascar on the properties on the Dunes directly in front of proposal rock at the timing is right you'll be able to see the stumps to the south of you and beyond Slab Creek which runs through the beach towards the proposal rock and dumps into the ocean you'll need to navigate across his creek and it's a little cold but it's worth it to walk among these ancient spruce uh-huh organs ghost force was produced here at night I will sound studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and I'll creak cabinet writers St at Al Creek Cabin Dot Com? Check it out this kid chrome reminding you to listen tomorrow when I conclude one of the most bizarre stories. I've ever run across I call it. Where did billy go it's about an eleven year old boy that vanished from his backyard just outside of Tucson Arizona WanNa in front of twenty two adult witnesses and was found wandering fifteen hundred miles distant in south west Tennessee three days later that's tomorrow once day the twenty third on kits myths and mysteries I'm kit chrome thanks for listening

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