LAFC get over El Trafico hump! Zlatan's last game? Plus, ATL roll on, NYCFC biff it & Sounders end Rimando's career



News it's fair that's the right you have their hand up in fingers out and they'll say five they say five we have I I mean I it's tilting towards that player improves Bob trusts him that player goes out there that player play interested in Blackman say the name of Bachman in this game but he's a second year player he was drafted as a fullback he started as a centre back in the playoffs against lot Abrahama Vich and he was good we see for Dennis to close a became a part of Giancarlo gonzalves not one of them but you're already had seven centrebacks on the roster what we're going to do about him so I would be shocked to see five or six of these names even on the team next year then we saw in the starting lineup that frontline next year as Pavonis Alessandrini Cheeto in the middle of the scar one hundred fifty goals tonight's game on whether it was his last in the last quote it's not about money I have another two months that's on his contract we will see what happens Mike because it also sounds like it might be about that's the type of thing you say when you say if you want people to watch you pay me more money I don't think it is and from like he he didn't do the pre game interview with ESPN and he seemed a little not rattled but annoyed and tailored tweeted out and said one of the Galaxy Representative said he's been like this all week I think some people took that as he's locked in but I took it as he's just kind of a bit annoyed with hall thing and the way maybe the season's gone and you could say there's a million arguments you can make a million different directions one is he's done everything he can the team hasn't put a team around him why should he spend more time trying to make this better you could also say that he came inside concord he didn't win a championship but he's been one of the three best scores in the league over the last two years after he blew out his knee and came back in a new place and did all that so nothing would surprise me but if you're let me to put a guess on somewhere I'd say he's not playing soccer next I got well it I think you're wrong about that but anyway I gotta ask you this what grade do you give Garam Barrow Scarlata for this year now there are extenuating circumstances those circumstances there's lots on anytime you are managing a team was slapped on that is a very very real I'm going to say it's a limiter on what you can do do both with Latin in with the players around now I would not give him any higher than a B minus I think why I think his job was to to construct something behind slot on that wasn't just a complete seve and it was just you had to find a way Eh get some semblance of organisation you had enough especially when pavone came in special players to do a three man game and attacking sense it can work was Unin pavone and fill in the blank even if it's early on tuna in major league soccer you just have to find a way to get your bit-part players of the guys that you picked up have you don't fit for Denison closer maybe we'll never be back but who cares it might be last year the galaxy you gotTa Win some symbols of Organization and structure and competence see defensively to get a better than a B minus grade in this sense he's inexperienced coach he's done before he's been in shaping which I know he's had more talented at Boca Juniors he's played in this league the crew when he played for them if I remember correctly you were not some expansive team he was a difference maker he made the Batak around him better it was down four four one one he played completely free role they had Allie Marino as as a centre forward just dragging defenders around it just to open it you had an opportunity to Kinda almost two structures one is Latin and whoever the hell is up there and the rest is the rest of the team guys just dig in Yeah figure it out getting your blocks don't teams have easy goals and this team I'm GonNa make a guess other than FC Cincinnati probably gave up the most like Oh my God what goals are you kidding me right now that's what how did that happen I agree with you I think it'd be minus is probably a good grade yeah probably for what's going on and I I love Guillermo so for Sir I felt bad going in part of this lots conversations I'm fascinated to see what he does Latin doesn't return like water the allegations he looks like under his vision the way he builds after that a little bit of time but I don't know that he was that creative with formations to say like I gotta figure something out we'll make the post is in but here's my four weeks test this and here's my two weeks attest this and I think in places you mentioned for Bob Rally a young guy will learn and get better where did we see that right who Leonora who played well and then all of a sudden Ralph John Fletcher's the difference maker now John Carlos Gonzales is you're right back the he had three incredible central midfielders they could never really control games like why was that night the tiger let's just see if we can get our foot on the ball on that will be our defending is well control games so grew with we I think a lot of it unfortunate wasn't good enough from him but it'll be interesting to see in year two if he doesn't have slots on how he chooses to play how his team you can kind of understand why it was in some ways because it was like the island of misfit toys and a lot of all these different teams that failed and then they come in you have Gonzaga on your Guy Z.? You lose all of a sudden you have expectations that are always over the maybe the capability of the team especially this era where they've been to close at one year I think you've got to start judging my next especially there's lots on you but you better have had a plan and I expect they do we'll see what that plan is before we move onto union Atlanta to know what you think about Bradley's Will Fang his little spots are who I really respect as a journalist I loves me I think he does a great job I think he's the future broadcasting US bilingual aspect of it with Mexico and the US and legal maximum loss be mashed up into one place he was very dominated his questioning about Carlos Vela and whether Carlos Villa had finally stepped up in a big game and Bob was incredulous and perhaps rightly so in the moment What do you think what do you think it was one person's job to ask obvious questions that everyone in the world is thinking it's another person's set up there to answer those questions I don't think anything that are asked was ridiculous I mean he asked the question he has and he asked the question everyone else and he asked actually and he's set bob up to say there's no chance anyone could say what you just said anymore he was phenomenal tonight he's been phenomenal season he's EP of major league soccer he's the best player this league's ever seen and he's going to go in and MLS Cup yeah it was that simple but it was fun the way it happened Bob a stupid Bob knows a good. TV's Bob knows everybody in that locker room is going to see that see him sticking up four to see him sticking up for for his best player the heartbeat of the team many messy the MLS messy like I I'm not saying like I I'm certain Bob's emotion in that moment because you could see he loves Carla I'M CERTAIN THAT EMOTION and was real but I'm all I think it was somewhat calculated for the to to make that a moment say like see they're always going to be asking this about what s let's go kick set go Seattle's as was win MLS Cup show every let's shut everyone up forever that's what that was I like it if that's what it was I like it I enjoyed it he's like look there's an ESPN ESPN notification that goes out after that you don't see that for they get that for the win I don't think like let let's just if that's what it takes man like you have all the historical rancid it's out there but you know how I feel about this league sometimes flavor man give me some flavor and Bob Bradley absolutely did Elliot C are moving on their the low number one seed remaining they just got to win one game and if they do that most couple in Los Angeles at Bank of California Stadium talk about it on Monday because we're that's the nice thing is Monday comes and we can really dive into Seattle L.. AFC and I just throw something out there sure I would be shocked if Seattle won that game I think that it's going to be more comfortable than the game we just watched this is the third tune in on Monday that producer honors a noted satellite is that the right the right phrasing for that unders Seattle Seattle ish person who's he's not happy with us that's fine we don't here to please you unders let's talk Atlanta Philly Alanna do what they do they win at home in the Playoffs Limitation Games it's eight in a row so far this year us Gut Communist Cup into the Audi twenty playoffs couple of shutouts Philadelphia great season great season Talla gap town gap better players bigger moments we also had this thing where it's like Philly I have eleven great players they're a great group which means they don't rely on one person but unfortunately that also meant if anyone got hurt they were behind the eight ball and you're not going to go in a scenario where you have all eleven guys healthy for every player Front Josie Outdoor Omar Gonzalez are out right Walker Zimmerman and Mark Anthony Care out so every you're always gonNA have injuries miles Robinson and Michael Parkers now not to mention Lee win in that previous like Mark Anthony Cares out loud wind came in and hit a decent philly doesn't have that former MVP game and Broncos on makes a phenomenal save but you as you watch this game it was hard to see where the goal was gonna come from four Philly and I don't think it's knock on them to go on short rest to go on

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