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Felt the felt doing it there wasn't a lot a lot of opportunities at the hospital to be very hands on with patients and I finally sophomore year after searching for a year I decided well you know what if I can't find something I might as well start something well there you go the young entrepreneurial mind and spirit that's great so I after that I once and sat on something I'm a pretty sadhana then determine yeah he had send consulted friends about it what should we do would you guys be interested in starting something with me and my parents came to visit me in the cities one weekend and my I was talking my parents about it my mom happens to be a decorator and she said you not why don't we redesigned bedrooms for kids with cancer and I immediately said designing dreams and that night went back with my friends and we had some wine and I said Hey you guys what do you think should we form a board then become a student group here at the university of Minnesota and they were immediately all in with me and

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