Two K-Pop Stars Sentenced to Prison for Rape


Let's move on out to South Korea because I called her time to pop stars guilty of several sexual offenses including gang rape June June young and trade Jong hoon were both convicted of raping a number of unconscious women young also secretly filmed the attacks and distributed the footage he's been sentenced to six years in prison tray was jailed for five they've been calls for tougher sentences to deal with what's been described as an epidemic of spy cam crimes and the public outcry for women in South Korea also corresponded lower because be looking into this profession tell me about the reaction to today's convictions well the judge and said that at Chung had specially had raped women who were drunk and unable to resist he filmed the new teeth filled them having sex and then spread it on a group chat and he went on to say that he couldn't imagine the pain the victims might have felt the same day at least her and that he was viewing the victims as a tool for his pleasure no he has expressed regrets where as at Changzong Foon and he was sentenced to five years has no alt and he continues to deny being parts all of this rape culture however when it comes to the sentencing women fail certainly that if the sentences are slightly too lenient that the courts don't see sex crimes and takes sex crimes seriously enough a number of women have said that on lines it to a needed another digit ID it should have been sixty years not six years however it does drag were very hidden crime at into the public and this is something that we've been investigating for sometime earlier this year we faint date that this was happening in clubs in gang them in other parts of soul and that women were being routinely drugged and raped in fact some men were paying two hundred three hundred thousand pains to choose the women from a dance floor how for drugs and taken to a nearby hotel room to he raped what about why the society is it taking these crimes more seriously women feeling more able to speak out about these things well when it comes to these crimes yes it has had an impact in the last couple of years there has been a growing ME two movements and since this the death of the K. pop superstar goo Hara he to come when life earlier this week more women have been coming forward saying that there needs to be more done to deal with the likes of spike hammer crimes and sex comer crimes at we've been finding out if the sentences are too lenient and if these calls are having the effect of these women would

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