Former FBI lawyer and frequent Trump target Lisa Page speaks out


Lisa page does the name sounds familiar to you Lisa page Donald Trump brings up her name a lot and that is the reason that she is now speaking out she did an interview for the daily beast recently is the first time she has gone public actually spoken publicly about herself the way the president is treating her and what what happened between those text messages between Lisa page and Peter Strock Lisa pager Peter struck were having an affair Peter straw was an FBI agent he was somebody who was working and she was too she was an FBI it lawyer they were both working on two important investigations will miss the investigations and Hillary Clinton's emails the other was the investigation into Russian meddling in the election and specifically into the potential that members of Donald trump's campaign had been meeting with had been somehow unwillingly or willingly cooperating with Russia in Russian interference into the elections so they were the two two of the people who were involved in this Peter struck ended up on Bob Muller steam later and when Bob Muller got wind of these text messages between these two people he's all right away that this it would raise suspicions of potential bias in the investigation he didn't want that to happen he immediately pushed us struck off of the team so struck was no longer a part of Mahler's

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