Astros-Yankees G3: Lineups, matchups, FAQ



John Let's get my do it. Obviously the Goliath versus Goliath used in Earth his yankees theory is probably a good place to start two hundred ten combined regular season wins between these teams it dawns me if we get this podcast dot it's been a total of nine games between the two teams this year to in the postseason as we take seven in the regular season home team has only lost one of those nine and this is the kind of series where the ANC has to be decided by three hundred four point homerun at either ballpark and there are players on these teams in order for absolutely and it's interesting you mentioned that was among the most wins the two teams combined in any series that ninety eight series was very different though with the Yankees one hundred fourteen games padres ninety eight the Yankees were a huge favourite and swept we expected Yankees and Houston here to close and so far it is one to one so we shall see how it goes from here but you you're absolutely right the home field is a big advantage a yankees seemed to have had the advantage the edge at home are they love their ballpark Judge in for that right field obviously they've got some left sluggers as well and you know I think the advantage you know believe it or not I know that people are picking use because of the Colon burland and they've already one verleger game but I think the Yankees starting pitching is pretty good and not maybe not as good as cold the best on the planet in from maybe the second best but then relief pitching it gives them an edge and we saw a game too that they kept a close there and I just think Anki lineup is a little bit higher right now overall in I think the Yankees have a good shot at this even know people are saying Houston's the favorite every minds league strangely Jonah of a series it Kinda dates both of us the six world series was a New York team against the Houston Astros and it was basically a race to avoid happen if they spike Scott again is what it came down to because that'd be your team they had one picture that it's like oh no we're not going to touch this guy and I know Mike Scott and Garrett Cole or two very differently wired people with different skill sets but here it is again a New York team against the Houston Astros with your team just trying to avoid that guy so knowing that coal is slated for game salmon is kind of the thing about psychology. Here's the light okay we either win this in six or we're in big trouble is at the Yankee thought well right now cozy beds pitch landed and he doesn't scuff the ball does of the jet I think he just changed the way he did it you know and Pittsburgh he was pitching a contact was kind of a ground ball pitcher to some degree in he's just a gun with his strength and Houston they've done a great job with him it's only gonNA help this free agency and we'll talk about I'm with you they got to try to avoid that game seven if you're if you're the Yankees you gotta try to finish that out in the bronx with three in a row I know that's a tall order playing Houston one paper I think many woods it just is the best team going between the starting pitching and the lineup and everything else that you you count for but the Yankees I think might be a little bit underrated here because they didn't really have their whole team for basically the whole year I mean and now Stanton is GonNa is questionable and we let's see him but they've got everybody else so you know I think the Yankees have a good shot at this with the with the home field advantage that three three other next games and you're absolutely right about coal incredible I thought this is maybe like the two thousand nine world series where would avoid cliff Lee and quickly a Yankees twice the Yankees won all the other games but now the Yankees have lost her lander and certainly the Houston having to great pitchers is a huge plus

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