Pompeo making spur-of-the-moment trip to Mideast as Iran rules out talks


Of the Russia Mike Pompeii was headed over to the Middle East it is unclear the around strategy that is actually being pursued I think that the actual foreign policy of the United States is wise and kind of always will be muddle through because the American people aren't interested in empire building I think correctly so the American people are also not interested in full scale isolationism because every time the United States gets isolationist we get a Pearl Harbor nine eleven so we end up being mildly reactive. isn't in the world the bases all over the place with a strong military and we can react to threats but we don't want long term occupations or invasions we're not into that sort of thing and so what happens when there's a hot spot like Ron tends to be the possibility of a flare up and then it kind of receives a Ron is is the is the herpes outbreak of the Middle East the Iranian government may flare up and then they sort of receipt so Mike Pompeii always trying to create a policy right now The Washington Post reporting. that the trump administration has announced that Humm Hey would fly to the Persian Gulf on Wednesday to discuss a response to an attack on Saudi oil facilities as Iran's supreme leader ruled out any direct talks with the United States has spur of the moment trip which will include stops in Saudi Arabia and the UAE underscores the danger the tensions with Iran could spiral into military conflict president trump has said around is probably responsible for the attack that he would like to avoid a war I'm pale has assigned blame more directly in front obviously obviously does not wish for there to be a war with Iran at this point is why I suggested that the likely solution here is that the United States pledges to strengthen the defense of Saudi Arabia without pledging any sort of aggression and aggressive action against Iran I think that's probably the happy medium where the U. S. ends up we maybe end up helping flags and tankers in the straits of war movies and guiding those tankers through the straits of Hormuz against the possibility of running aggression reestablishing some sense of deterrence. the weekend attack which the United States says it believes originated in Iran despite claims by rebels in Yemen that they carried out appears to dash all hope that trump might meet with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani at you and General Assembly in New York well the Iranians I don't think were all that interested in face to face meetings with trump I think they're more interested in pressuring Europeans to break with trump and undermine the JCP LA the the the revocation of the of the Iran nuclear deal. ends once it's rendered Iran gate is pretty much that simple the Europeans want Iran to get their money they want to run to be part of the world economy and they don't care if one's friends terrorism all over the Middle East they simply don't care because they figure the US is going to foot the bill anyway if something goes wrong which unfortunately has been European foreign policy since basically the light cold war know that the fact that that trump and when when trump says that Europeans are not pay their share of their fair share for defense that's technically true I mean United States basically footed the bill for all of European defense for several decades during the Cold War and allowed them to live high on the hog in terms of social welfare programs well Europe can pursue that policy again but there will be some tragic consequences to that policy you're starting by the way to see those consequences in terms of the outbreak of national sentiment in Europe largely driven by the increase in an unfettered Muslim refugees coming from the Middle East into the heart of Europe and creating all sorts of social schisms. and the the around the leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said all the officials in the Islamic Republic unanimously believe there will be no negotiations at any level with United States again they're trying to pressure the Europeans this is not about the United States at this point I think that the way this ends probably is with the United States trying to trying to strengthen shore up Saudi defense without getting involved

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