A Serial Killer in Paradise


True crime brewery contains disturbing disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical Information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener discretion is advised welcome to cheer cranberry. I'm Jill and under the disappearance a fifty three year old Charlotte Hughes for her paradise like home home set off an investigation that led to the search for a serial killer in Panama in two thousand ten share had moved with her husband key to Boca del Toro Panama to live out her dream on their own private island but after she keeps separated share was gone in eccentric neighbor taken over her property it turned out that share was not the only missing person in the area. Someone was killing Americans in Panama and taking possession question of their property when all is said and done six Americans had been killed when the killers home was searched police found stolen checkbooks it cards jewelry purses got amunition and gold dental fillings crowns in a glass jar. William Hulbert were North Carolina native known to his victims as wild bill cortes had become well known among Boca Ex Patriots accurate American family of three read disappeared from the area bill and his wife had moved into their home and converted a boathouse into a private bar which they call the Jolly Roger Social Club the bar was decorated with the skull and crossbones flag in it was opened for partying on the weekends but disappearances piled up neighbors decided there was something something wrong. The police came in and discovered bodies buried in shallow graves but by then while bill and his wife were already on the run they fled through Costa Rica and we're finally captured on the Nicaraguan border join us at the quiet end for this stunning tale of theft murder in real estate ate fried after being extradited to Panama while bill confessed to his crimes but showed little remorse for all of the painting caused he would explain in what he did in how he did it but the question of why will forever haunt the left one of his victims so this is my first Panamanian Indian dear our first enemy case I believe absolutely so this is Bell Boa. It's brewed by service Syria Nacional in in Panama kind of the National Bureau of Panama and I'll preface by sands a pretty crappy year okay but the the good news it doesn't have much aroma or taste kind of sweet corn malt that type of stuff may do little herbal but the important thing it served cold and it's nice and Crisp and refreshing. If you've ever been the Panama it's pretty damn hot and humid down there so these these little buddy sled down pretty nicely I nine guess that's about the best I can say for it. Well thanks for the effort recalled science all right thank you. Let's open it up okay. We'll share these the quiet the head end. I hope everybody's not to spoil my some of the other good beers we've had because this isn't what you call good beer but it is sunny and warm. Maybe not as humid as Panama you're so they'll probably be enjoyed in well. It seems like if a beer is not great to get a cold enough. It can still be refreshing and be salvaged for that purpose if nothing else that's what we're looking for. What are you start our story today Dickie Okay so William Jason Hobart was an only child he grew up going going by his middle name Davidson but later in life Hugo by bill his father worked for Farm Machinery Company and he grew up in a nice two story home an highschool bill involved in sports and got very serious about football and bulked up possibly with steroids who knows he married his girlfriend in nineteen ninety eight? Her name was Ryan Dunlap his only eighteen years old they had their first child within a year and into more over the next four years so bill worked as a landscaper year round and Ryan stayed home with children. There were so young and many people were impressed by the amount of responsibility that the couple seemed of taking nine after bills parents divorced the couple move their family into the home or bill grownup taking over the home from his mother but there was talk about building a steroid abuser and again. This is a kid who booked up quite a bit in high school always playing football so that's where the rumors started and they continue and bill seemed abnormally bulky and had a temper those steroid rages we talk about the first sign that may bill wasn't quite right psychologically was when the family dog disappeared bill told Ryan that he wanted to put the dog down even even though his perfectly healthy and good with the kids he never contacted the vet and Ryan believe that shot the dog and dumped his body and this became a belief that was shared throughout the neighborhood. Another local landscaper would say that bill wanted to make a fortune but he didn't want to work for it. That's been my dream. Let's not that uncommon right you wanNA start a business. You do have to be willing to work your ass off what yeah back so inevitably bills landscaping business failed Oh he buttons Elson suits and ties after that and he said that he had political aspirations I don't know where that came from and wanted to hang out with a higher society church even considered running for mayor right but France were beginning to notice that bill was very verbally abusive to Ryan and then another dog disappeared food bill opened a pool hall and build a local TV ad for it but he was really this over the top personality which he is pretty well for whereas business but still he wasn't putting in the hard work and it failed after only a few months in two thousand three Rian Kevin Hoover met bill when he joined the Gym Jim The bodyshop fitness center in Hendersonville Billy Kevin began hanging out together lifting weights working out and bill give them the impression that he was a businessman on his way up even though his ventures were continuing to fail when Kevin Hoover his third bodyshop Jim in two thousand four he he agreed to let bill help manage it so bill could learn about how to run a business. He would even get a salary until he was ready to purchase his own franchise. So these people took command basically yes pretty good con man Dick so he could convince people of things yeah. They were thinking they were going to groom him to eventually have zone franchise. Yes they were helping him out that way twenty year old Laura Michelle Reese was working for the hoover's and she was doing cleaning and light office work at the Gyms uh-huh and Mel decided that he keeper working with him the Third Jim but then things got really weird. Marie Hoover visited the gym and saw that there was no equipment you purchased yet and bill at least an apartment near the gym rather than commute to his family home which was just about forty five minutes away not a horrible commute but then he moved in with Laura Michelle Reese into the apartment then he began sending handwritten notes to Marie telling her to be proud of her white race she threw them away but it did raise some concerns and she talked to her husband Kevin about it bill was also somewhat obsessed with the Sopranos TV show and he would tell Marie that he wanted to become someone like Tony Soprano so kind of a Mafia guy yeah. That's that's a very good aspiration to have. Don't you think so red flag huge yeah yeah so Kevin. Marie managed to explain away bills odd behavior until they were from the bank that some unusual expenses were being charged for the body shop. The bill was Managing Bill had written business checks for new TV a mattress and other not business related items in the amount spent was large. It was be tweeting twenty and twenty five thousand dollars so Kevin did confront bill about this and Bill's wife Ryan found out that bill was is living with Laura Michelle reese around the same time so the couple separated in May of two thousand four and bill. Laura moved away after he was gone. The hoovers learned that bill had not only written unauthorized checks he'd actually contacted a real estate broker about selling Jim that he'd been managing which belonged to Kevin Hoover Hoover so that's the ball there to do that where I guess but he's learning right in a bad way here yeah

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