Malibu Creek Murder


In August of two thousand eighteen officials from five different law enforcement agencies held a town meeting this is where they publicly acknowledged that they had no theory no suspect or no answers regarding the murder of Tristen Bo debt that same month month the Hollywood reporter stated that quote two sources with connections to the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff's station. Tell the Hollywood reporter that detectives are working to assemble a physical composite of the tristen Bo debt shooter and are compiling a list of of persons of interest. This of course is news to everyone news that the La Sheriff's department had anything going to go on and all it seems perhaps the sheriff's department started to put some things together here. There is a weird thing a really weird thing in my opinion we have not only these strange weird shootings going on in the area area that had been going on for two years now. There's also been an uptick in burglaries on October ninth two thousand eighteen. The sheriff's department issued an official update on recent burglaries in the unincorporated calabasas Malibu areas it read on Tuesday Tuesday October ninth two thousand eighteen at approximately three a m a burglary occurred at the Gora Calabasas community center located at at the twenty seven thousand block of Malibu Hills Road in Calabasas detectives believed that the same suspect who was possibly involved in eight other burglaries glories use a rock to break the front glass door a vending machine inside the location was broken into with Iraq and numerous food food items were stolen. The suspect then walked away in an Unknown Direction Major Crimes Detectives along with other department resources are at the location today conducting a follow up investigation the most recent burglaries have occurred over a three month period. The suspect is described as a male adult slender build and wearing dark clothing. There were eight other recent burglaries that were laid out in this press release. We won't go through all of them as it's quite boring portion of the story but I'll give you the dates. There were two in October of two thousand in eighteen. There were two in September of two thousand eighteen one in July of two thousand eighteen and then we had one in March of two thousand thousand seventeen and then to an October of two thousand and sixteen none of these break ins involved residents they we're all professional buildings and commercial structures. Police stated that they felt that the burglaries were all connected but why did the police feel feel the need to issue a press release about some minor burglaries will probably because there's a bunch of shootings that they didn't tell the public about so since he got a bunch of back lash on that they probably thought we need to come clean about these break ins well yet and people were starting to wonder could the there'd be a suspected connection could law enforcement be thinking that there's a connection between the burglaries and the shootings yeah so speaking to the Media Era Sheriff Jim McDonnell said investigators weren't yet ready to link the two together he said but we won't rule anything out he said said but it would be premature to connect these cases nonetheless the media had already jumped to this conclusion that the hunt for the burglary suspect back in the hunt for the shooter were in fact one in the same articles and TV news stories appearing during the first week of October two thousand eighteen eighteen reported a massive that massive searches were being conducted by the Los Angeles Sheriff's department in Malibu County a dozen officers on ATV's and they're like decked out in tactical gear. They were riding through the park aided by helicopters and bloodhounds. They were pulling out all the stops for this vending machine robber who stole doritos yeah. It's pretty pathetic when you think about the lack of attention in the lack of effort that they gave to M- trees Richardson it emerged that indeed the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department wanted to question the armed burglar about Tristan's murder there appeared to be two reasons for law enforcement's interest in this thief one was that a surveillance footage that was found from the September thirtieth break in at Malibu Valley Farms Construction Office showed that the burglar who stole nothing but food again was dressed in tactical tactical gear was wearing a headlamp in a mask and was carrying a rifle. The burglary location was less than a quarter of a mile from from the campground where Tristan Bodak was killed. The other reason is that a park maintenance worker reported talking to a man who quote fit the description of the arm burglar. It's not clear whether this man was actually carrying a weapon when he approached the park worker but apparently apparently the man asked for a ride out of the canyon. He wanted to go to a different area a mile or so south of the camp campground and he says this is because there's so many police in the area the worker refused to drive this man anywhere and actually his report the Workers Kerr's report triggered these these big time searches that we're now seeing rain so even where we have quote we haven't linked it to bow debts killing lying but we certainly haven't ruled

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