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Governor Gavin Newsom gave opening remarks today at climate week New York City it's an environmental action of it being held along side the United Nations climate summit Scott Barbour has more. California governor Gavin Newsom kicked off climate change NYC with a passionate speech Monday stressing the importance of fighting climate change and criticizing president Donald Trump for his actively anti environmental actions and policies. news and said that there was ample evidence of the dangers of climate change I have a change for us is not an abstract if you still have eight eight percent tell of doubt come the California. after historic wildfires back to back fifteen of the top most destructive wildfires themselves just the last ten years. stay with historic droughts. state with historic floods. mother nature has joined the conversation. I'm in week NYC the convention of panels and showcases for environmental advocates to discuss climate action I think around the United Nations climate summit during his speech Newsome praised his state progress on environmental issues and its position as a global leader in the fight against climate change he said that in California fossil fuels are becoming the out liars not the norm alternative energy into the state of California is fossil fuel energy alternative energy no longer defined by wind and solar and battery technology which are dominant now Connie's growing a fully functioning cap and trade program the most Ignatius low carbon green growth goals in the United States of America there's nothing left for me to sign it's a hundred percent across the board. Kevin Phillips is the director of Sierra Club California she agreed with Newsome that California and they want to be proud of in terms of its track record in fighting for the environment he's right in that we've done a lot in this state and certainly when you compare it to the rest of the country and when you look at some of the timing we've we've done some of these things in California was pushing it should be a call and came up with its first zero emission vehicle regulations back in the nineteen nineties so we have been a leader in many ways historically for the U. S. on various environmental issues. however Phyllis argue that California was still falling short in its self proclaimed role as global environmental leader. while Phillips agreed with news from decision at the state was improving renewable energy production and technology to put out the oil production export are still significant industries in California when it comes to transportation fossil fuel still dominate they will likely dominate unless we become more aggressive and the legislature and the governor becomes more aggressive in laying out a path for reducing production of oil in transitioning are an economy away from one specially in particular regions transitioning our economy in the state away from one that is dependent on oil production. California's only top ten producers of oil in the United States roughly equal in production to Alaska Alexandra navy is the California director with food and water watch an environment and public health nonprofit thank you said that she was disappointed in new sums lack of action to limit oil production not only because of its implications for climate change but also for the safety and health of Californians Gavin Newsom hasn't addressed the fossil fuel crisis in California we have over eighty thousand oil well over a hundred thousand miles of pipelines almost over three hundred gas powered gas fired power plants and this is what's making community sick every day right now families and children are living next to killing in their backyards are gas plants in their in their neighborhoods and this is what we want to see him do is take action to immediately halt the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and make a plan to shut shut it down. environmental advocates including bills Nike and Phillips say that at the very least there should be increased scrutiny and restrictions on where oil rigs can be placed in order to minimize the public health risk. gene see with the energy director and staff attorney at the center for biological diversity. it's an Arizona based environmental nonprofit who was present in New York to protest Newsome refusal to ban oil drilling in the state. in an interview with KPFA is Brian Atwood teacher she said it was not too late for someone to make the difficult but meaningful choices that needed to be made to stop climate change what we're talking about is essentially stopping the capture of our government by fossil fuel companies we see at the U. one year after year that oil and gas corporations are financing the claimants talks around the world very similarly in California they have been very influential on our politicians this is the exact moment where we need someone like Gavin Newsom to break through all of that noise and very clearly say climate emergency equal stopping fossil fuel extraction and I am going to step up and actually do that. Newsome for his part has said that he can make no progress on putting limitations on oil production without the support of the legislature which he's not sure he will receive. but the one climate summit is only scheduled for Monday climate week NYC is planned to run through Sunday September twenty ninth I'm Scott Bala pacifica radio

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