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Extravaganza two thousand nine days you odd voice on just saying extravaganza. I'm guessing probably just think everyone should quietly take a minute home right now to imagine rupaul call him. Basically we love Rupaul though we do but yes we have the foundation extravaganza two thousand nine hundred nine. We're going to be coming up up very soon the all new launches from this summer. I mean not all of them. Because there were literally thousands I think we I move very ambitious and like yeah we can do all of them and then each day. There was another ten so we were literally like this is going to be like a seventeen hour episodes. So what we've done is actually chosen off favorites or at least so a varied selection of much as we could let the most asked about yes and that was the most about but if there is one that you've seen coming out with its come out very recently because also we've been some coming out since we so our off date for all yapping just today hatfields caught oh there's chic very louise weeks brook CBA Buji. I like it so I decide and I woke up hill this morning. So I'm staying away. Professional areas the first person listen to my wedding. Drudge makes me feel very special dresses. She's GonNa do what Mariah enabled. You've been able to oh I did. I was like I don't do to do three doing it. Properly Lindsay is very exciting. We Digress we digress otherwise we'll never get all these foundations so because Uh and you news I'm GonNa pull cat hair phone very professional and then we're going to break into all these foundations but yeah as I was about to say before I got to start to buy the beauty that is hurry outfield advil but if there's anything that we don't mention that you are desperate to know about let us know and we'll do our best to let you know in news in an upcoming episode we shall so as not new new new new. What is the new new well as always says a lot so obviously we're. GonNa talk mostly about foundations and like we said we we didn't try every single thing but one that is a new launch that we haven't tried this coming out is flush peachy. Remember them Lindsey yes I do. I was very worried about them. I felt they might be going away. There's still in line on Alta so flesh bt if you can't with tiny tiny little stick foundation that was kind of like wait through tiny and they have come out with the pure flash liquid foundation so this is actually in a bottle of the liquid foundation which I think a lot of people tend tends to be that kind of like Goto jam is thirty two dollars forty shades good. That's nice and yeah. We haven't tried it but that is is. I believe that's available by now. Actually is out and one that we didn't get hands on because we found out slightly later but we will. I like flesh. I was really worried when they were astorg but don't worry about Oh. That's generally the beginning of the end but that's great if they're still launching something as big as a foundation. I'm forty shades so excited to try that homes golden yeah we go other exciting news which is launching a matter of days so by the time you listen to this you may have already seen this but Victoria Beckham launching our own beauty. I have heard about this and I've seen quite a few teases on grass. I know you're a fan edit collection I I was I feel like for me. I was always like like the first collection the first question I was like. Yes packaging. Yes performance yeah or Gonzalez yet. I was into it second collection. I have to say there were bits. I liked but it was a little made. The first collection was so behind on that I felt a little bit. Let down by the second collection. The quality not wasn't there in the second collection yeah. It just felt a bit. I don't know it just wasn't wow factor like the first one wild me smacked of contract contractual obligation to me he was like she said she'd do to second album syndrome. It was a bit sophomore yes but it does fill me with joy a collection of our own collection so far. There's just been a couple of instagram teases that she's one being a logo which tells us absolutely nothing being very sexy boomerang of her doing a little blink. I and I'm very into this metallic tope Toya. Shade that she's wearing in this picture. Everything about this picture makes me very happy. I Love Brow. I love the I love. What's going on on a date yet. The only thing I don't like is the Hashtag claim beauty stuck on the end of the caption. Because what does that even meeting brands. I have to do this now but I think we've been clear and clean beauty. It doesn't mean anything what was clean. Bt main dirty beauty is it no way dirty beauty. That's GonNa be the name of my eyes. I feel like we've said this and we were talking about. This will be a whole separate episodes on it yeah in because it is a can of worms that should you open the NC. We'll lose her sh- yes next week. We actually have an interview on next the following episode after to this one in two weeks time we have an interview with the president of Bioscience United States talking to forty four about why such twat no we're not talk to that person about its fate town or his cova or anything and but we will be talking to the president of violence is a well well you were there in clean beauty there in the section of beauty but they talked she spoke so eloquently wonderfully about what that means to bioscience and they they don't call themselves clean beechy they call them sustainable. Bt which is obviously something very different yeah and I can't wait to share that with everyone but we should just a clear up definitions the off road and around because even I've done in the past. I'm sure I've used it in my youtube videos where I've even said it without thinking about it. So because everyone's you pay the noise you can musings without saying what that thing means which is so frustrating. Is it natural. Is it organic everything's free in the UK. I mean that's the thing we're cruelty free and like it to be sold in the you have to be yeah like. I don't really understand what you're saying here that obviously China different ballgame but things are changing. It's frustrating. It's like what does clean mean and I think now do you get out. I think is go yeah but as I say as you say all the time to be continue now is Victoria. Beckham beauty is coming. I'm excited about it. I'm excited makeup and that should should be from yeah looking forward to it okay so I've got a thing a thing of pure joy. If Mary Cuando could hold this she would feel all kinds of vibrations goodness. Let's just feeling joy just feeling joy. Nothing I mean Lindsey. I know you're GONNA like this. I'm excited. I think you've already seen my swap chairs and you will. It's the Nour's queen of the night. I shot a pilot which was fired by queen of night herself Suzanne. I'm going to put to the surname botch. It's S. H. S. C. H. on the end Polish anyway a lovely policy doc nine hours police shiny things twelve pris- matic shades fifty nine dollars and every shade is like party animal excitement of glitter. It's Joe is sexy sexy where he had sex with a clown on rainbow and they've women to full baby. Yeah it's like all kinds of goodness and I did some swatches of a my inscribe stories which I do have a highlight actually have new launches if you I want to see that it should still be up. Oh my goodness I had to play with this in a recent shoe and it's not perfect. I love it when shadows of that kind of are they are they poudel Econ Hongkong towels like these you a metallic ballot. Yes Chris but with this it doesn't even because it's more of a power in a way it says it's not like you have to work quickly and then unusual name playtime you can lay them on top of other. I shudder as you can do things you can blend with a brush but also I feel like you get playtime if anyone who wants to dabble with color but finds lines that kind of claimed powder formula little bit to a little bit scary. If you feel like enough time blend in time this will be right up your street. It shiny goodness in a pilot. Well love GNAWS. Palette of the moment Clinton recently with the show pilot. Yeah I mean for me. It's very very rather gnaws disappoints me. I have to say it's one of those brands that like it just it makes every basic. I need plus. Extra finishing touches yeah this. This is very exciting. I'm very excited see their autumn Winter Christmas off. I've seen some hills. It's Lookin sexy. Look Check Shea feeling okay. Sorry Shawn Club style a couple more pilots actually while we're on pallets. Let's talk pallets new you from urban. Decay are spied in my inbox. You have spied this. Indeed is the urban cain aching honey pallet. I mean in negative. It just seems mental to me that they're like naked is dead naked naked over. We had a funeral. The original is gone but behold eighteen. One thousand new naked poets none of which was good as original. Sorry I personally love. Naked is my favorite one. See I'm gone all the way why bother the getting rid of naked betty shelby out again in six months and then just keep launching more so this one naked honey as you can imagine hunting spy by it. It's Kinda yellow gold yellowy goal the goal is I mean. There's a lot of shades in here. That are very similar. I think to the original AK- yes if you'll missing original naked. This is a good option. If you liked buff the shade buff I feel like you're going to get with lots of close yellowy ACRI toe. I think if you take out the two middle ashamed golden and honey it to me becomes a much more look wearable wearable neutrals because I'm sure everyone listening desperately needs a wearable neutral pilot and then the two middle ones are obviously they draw your eye right in the middle of the pilot and they make it much more yellow toned food yeah because they all saw the yellow gold. This one's very glittery one's very

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