Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson defends $30 car tab initiative


State attorney general's office is laying out its defense for the voter approved thirty dollar card tab initiative legal battle heads to court next week almost Cole Miller on how the argument shaping up when it comes to the controversial issue with Seattle king county and others asking for an injunction to block it while the lawsuit plays out it's not only unfair it is not only on why is it is on constitutional the state Attorney General Bob Ferguson filing his defense to uphold the right off the bat saying quote plaintiffs cannot demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that I nine seventy six is unconstitutional he also calls out Seattle's boost in transportation funding say its quota increased by over two hundred million dollars in just the last two years with the fight far from over Ferguson throwing his punches well quote given that Washington voters approved I nine seventy six and the policy consequence of reducing taxes and fees flowing from taxpayers to public agencies this consequence cannot be seen as harm but rather precisely what the people voted to adopt and there will be a hearing all that a judge it is set for next Tuesday we of course will be there and will follow along

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