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It fell in but you know it's the angels and Saint Elizabeth Bosley and they're talking about the Birdman of Alcatraz and you know Burt Lancaster. No I thought Michael. Keaton Played Birdman. No he played Batman. No that was Ben Affleck Click. I don't think he played any like. Oh that's kind of funny like keep that stuff in but yeah Kristen Stewart just making faces at a kid. That's weird. I really really wanted to be an to say no. Oh Robert Pattinson Batman. I know I thought they were GONNA go there. Yeah there are these scenes. I did kind of laugh when they're asking Elizabeth Banks. How old are you? There are film buffs. Yeah no that's stuff was good but that was like the only part where I think audibly laugh and I didn't even audibly laugh. I just just kind of smiled. Well we went so long without any fun and then these little bits were like. Oh there's something funny but it's not really that funny. It's not enough but what I think should have happened at the rock quarry happens next and it's a replay from the first McGee. Charlie's angels they get back to the towns and agency and blows up. It also happens in full throttle not at the Townsend Agency but that carb load like. That's just the thing that happens to angels. They get blown up and thrown back but here here they play like Jane and Sabina may have died we only see Elena as survivor. She stumbles out. And at this point the three women have talked about how think Elizabeth Bosley they actual bad guy now and we see her walking up but Patrick Bosley shows up and shoots Elizabeth. This all goes back to to the

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