House of Mouse Announces 10 Million Signups on Disney+ Launch Day


Family friendly streaming service Disney plus. You've heard about it right. The company announced for more than ten million new subscriptions on its first day scoring some technical glitches but also shooting past analysts expectations and apparently their own expectations. Since two analysts had predicted Disney plus would reach ten to eighteen million subscribers in its first year. According to the Verge Disney's stock shot up seven in percents on the news that ten million number looks all the more striking when you compare it to those of existing Streaming Services Hulu plus which Disney now owns has twenty eight million subscribers. And it's been around for eleven years then there's ESPN plus another Disney. Property launched in April twenty eighteen and it has only two and a half million subscribers according to CNBC of course net flicks still dominates with one hundred fifty eight million subscribers worldwide but then again netflix created the streaming video category way. Back in two thousand seven and if there's anyone staying up at night worrying about the success of Disney plus it's Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. But but let's start with how Disney got to this point and just what so many viewers are looking for. I we have to note that the first week is free and so some unknown no number of subscribers are likely to have cancelled by the time. You're hearing this and another big. Group is getting Disney plus whether they asked for it or not less than a month ago Disney announced. What's that the service will be free for a year? For New and existing verizon unlimited subscribers that number could be as high as eighteen million people even if the promotion attracts no new subscribers. In case you weren't one of those first day sign ups. Here's what Disney plus viewers are getting access to a catalogue of five hundred Disney movies films from Pixar Lucasfilm and marble and seventy five hundred TV episodes including all thirty seasons of the simpsons and thirty five original original shows to ten at launch original content includes an eagerly anticipated live action star wars series called the mandatory in which garnered at least two million Leeann downloads. On the first day. That right there is probably a big part of the blame for those frustrating early outages. Right also a remake of the iconic lady and the TRAMP avengers injures endgame and other Marvel Films Plus documentaries from National Geographic spending cosmic sums of money for new shows to almost a billion bucks in twenty eight twenty alone according to the Hollywood reporter. Still the trade paper says Disney's counting more in its back catalogue at least for now longtime. CEO and chairman. Bob Iger is known as a fearless US risk taker a guy who believes in the motto innovator die observers say he's bet the future of Disney on streaming sinking billions into this project including it's seventy a billion dollar acquisition of twenty th century Fox's assets Disney also took back much of its catalog from netflix dropping. What had been a lucrative partnership and so it makes sense that a CEO betting big on Disney's future in streaming would go for a land? Grab on the first day out. One way to bag as much market share as possible of course is to price aggressively which is just what Disney has done. The company unveiled its low seven dollars a month price tag this spring in a splashy press conference on on a movie Lot were Disney filmed the original. Mary poppins she might call that a spoonful of sugar but for Netflix. It's a bitter pill. It's monthly charges. Start at nine dollars dollars and go up from

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