Lucas Miles: Liberal Thought Is Forcing Hirings at Religious Schools


You're telling me that there's pressure to hire at places like viola at places like azuza Pacific and whedon that they're hiring people, so for them, maybe it starts out like they think, well, we want to be more inclusive and open minded and but what they don't realize is on these issues, you're inviting the devil into rob the children, the students of their souls. It's gotten that serious that this is not just, it's not a small thing what they're doing when they let these folks in. Look, I mean, even a place we talked about by all university. There's a famous mural that's been under debate for about a decade. And it's the Jesus mural. It's a giant portrait of Jesus is painted on one of the side of the buildings. And this continues to come under attack that so much so that the president of the university, because of this color of Jesus skin because he's a little lighter than what some people would want him to be in this particular painting. And so now we had the president of the university at one point came out and said that he could understand how this picture of Jesus would cause alienation for certain states. Wait, who said that? The president of the universe and his name is. The last day of NRB. I don't even know what you're doing. You know why I know his name, his name is Barry. Yes, it is very, yes. And Barry is a good man, and I've known him for years. So it's particularly dismaying when a good man like Barry Cory is pressured into saying things like that. I don't think people realize when you say something like that, you can do tremendous damage on a number of levels because you're really giving comfort to the enemy by playing into their narrative

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