Kevin McCullough Describes the Ukraine Refugee Crisis


We've got a lot to talk about with our friend Kevin McCullough AKA both shadows. But Kevin, I want to talk to you about the horror in the Ukraine. There are 11 million refugees and you and I know that CSI is a great organization. They're helping the refugees. We are partnering with them. I'm telling people, please go to metaxas talk dot com. Please help the refugees. This is horrible stuff, folks. We need to do something. Well, Eric, just picture for you. And by the way, this is just another reason why people should be very fired up for the elections this year. Our foreign policy has turned into complete mush. And when there are when there are international crises taking place, we have taken the seat at the back of the bus, literally. We've said we don't want to be involved like Joe Biden, people, they're just absent these conversations. And when he does try to call people, they don't take his calls. Partly for this reason. But when you're talking about the Ukraine refugee crisis, 11 million displaced people and more than half of them now bleeding over into the NATO countries that border Ukraine. You're talking about the largest displacement of people since World War II. And we haven't seen anything like this in very, very long time. And the idea that there's all these different political pronouncements about Russia and Ukraine, all the rest of it. This is inarguable. The victims of this are largely mothers and children. Because the fathers put them on the train, sent them west. They stayed behind in mariupol and in Kyiv and in car cave. And those places to try to fight Putin off and to try to keep their home their home. So you've got from a biblical standpoint, Eric, when Jesus was asked, what does it mean to be truly your follower? And he said to feed widows and orphans, this is literally what that is. Not all the husbands and fathers have died. But functionally, these families don't have husbands and dads.

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