The Fed Raises Rates by Half a Percentage Point


All right ladies and gentlemen the fed CNBC has raised rates by half of a percentage point That is the biggest hike in 20 years to fight inflation So rates are going up inflation is going up the value of money is going down The value of your salary other forms of income your pension going down the supply chain has been damaged by inflation and Biden and company You're starting to see more shortages on the shelves The war on fossil fuels and capitalism has had an effect because as we talked about the other evening fossil fuels are everywhere Not just in your vehicle not just heating your home or cooling your home Virtually all material Used to build your home packaging cardboard paper assembly lines tractors harvesting wheat on and on and on The Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point in line with market expectations The rate move is the largest since 2000 and is in response to burgeoning inflation pressures Federal chairman Jerome Powell the fed chair underlying the commitment to bringing inflation down but indicated that raising rates by 75 basis point at this time is not something the committee is actively considering They raised it by 50 This is a big deal

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