Jason Jones Paid a Powerful Visit to the Grand Ole Opry


Folks I'm talking to my friend, Jason Jones, who has, among other things, written for the stream, go to stream dot org and you can read his piece, his piece is there, there's a recent piece he wrote on Ukraine. You were just saying that we're both in Nashville right now. And you said yesterday, you went to the grand Ole opry with your kids. Beautiful. And what were you saying? So, you know, I'm there. I got good seats. It was just my son and I, he's been traveling with me and it's been intense week with our work. And so of course, my staff and my team, the suffering and the burden that they're bearing in Ukraine and Afghanistan was on my mind. And I was thinking about this article. I'm going to be writing in response to dugan. He's a heideggerian and thrill of death in war, which is not thrilling a 19 year old boy laying across Constantino wire with his lungs filled with poison gas and a hole in his lungs is not it's not beautiful. What's beautiful is children playing a father cutting the umbilical cord of his newborn child of fathers and son fishing together. And so there we were at the grand Ole opry and I just thought it was such this beautiful experience to be seen as artists, some 90 years old on stage with their children and this is what human life and human flourishing is about. And I look at the rhetoric of our politicians and they have forgotten what their job is and their job is to get between chaos and the citizens. And we need statesmen, we need stateswoman, we need advocates for the vulnerable. And so when we look to Ukraine, we have Jamaican and I have a new article out. You know, it's mordor versus Saddam. The west is sodom and Russia's mordor. And we need Putin and his armies to turn around and leave, but we need to push Soros and Klaus Schwab out of Ukraine. I was going to say, this is what's so horrifying is that when I think of the America of Ronald Reagan, it means to be a shining city on a hill. That cares about people all around the world. When I think of the America of whatever you want to call it, the deep state, the actors at Davos, these are people they don't have the same vision as Reagan did even as Trump did as when I think of the founders. They have a kind of anti American globalist vision

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