Elizabeth Warren Downplays Elon Musk's Success


Elizabeth Warren has created nothing She's a nobody Cut three go He recently said he'll pay $11 billion in taxes last year And yet you've said he needs to stop freeloading off the rest of this Does that really ring true to you So it's going to pay he paid $11 billion last year And she accuses him of freeling Why Because she's a Marxist That's why Yeah go ahead Shouldn't he be celebrated and not disparaged Some sort of modern day robber baron So what I'm happy to celebrate success But let's remember Elon Musk didn't make it on his own He got huge investments from the government from taxpayers from those public school teachers and those minimum wage works You believe this Lots of people go to school and turn out to be lousy People go to school and turn out to be criminals People go to school and turn out to be left wing cook senators from Massachusetts You see how they downplay and degrade success the contributions to society that this man Elon Musk has made The number of people who have jobs as a result of Elon Musk and not just at the manufacturing assembly line in the plants But everything associated with it moving down the chain All the other businesses

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