'Yes, we need hands': Kitchen pops up in Ukraine's capital


A makeshift field kitchen has popped up in Ukraine's capital Kiev a woman identified only as Oksana whose husband is fighting in Ukrainian army got word that they needed help in the kitchen I just lost the power of all the fact that a bottle she says I came and asked and they said yes we need a hand that's it and we are not sitting and reading terrifying messages on news channels the kitchen is in a tent village that sprung up between a multi story building and a barrier made of stacked tires and sandbags and William was simply because don't want here Alexei Shevchenko says we are cooking soup porridge for our military four civilians and for everyone who needs our help including hospitals volunteers chopped red peppers and boiled potatoes at the kitchens various stations men in camouflage uniforms inspected canned foods with messages scrawled on them in black marker one can read thank you darlings we pray for you god with us I'm a Donahue

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