Mark Levin Calls out New York Times, Media Matters, & Mediaite


If you are not able to watch the Sunday show I will at some point encourage Fox to rerun it The New York Times has not responded to it even though they hang on my every word as to their surrogates at media matters in mediate Media matters in mediate haven't said a word About what was exposed on the Sunday show last night In fact I'm not aware of any so called website operation or news operation That has pointed it out How can that be you must wonder Was the Mother's Day what was it No that is nothing to do with it So The New York Times gives support the Stalin as he's starving the Ukrainians to death Times literally gives support To Hitler through censorship and its pro Nazi newsman in Berlin Literally The New York Times helps bring Fidel Castro to power And there's nothing Can you imagine And meanwhile they sit there in judgment of everybody else

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