John King: Trump Is the Dominant Force in the Republican Party


It prompted CNN's John King to report that you may hope Trump goes away. You may wish he'll go away, you may think he's not influential, but you would be wrong. That is at the top. A lot of people at home say stop talking about Trump. Donald Trump is the most dominant force in one of America's two leading political parties. And he is proving it again in this year's primary campaigns. And so for the people out there who want to stop talking about Trump. That's not up to us. We have to cover these races where Trump's endorsement is clearly making a difference in West Virginia tonight justice didn't Ohio last week. We're going to have the Nebraska governor's race later tonight as those results come in. And then Pennsylvania Senate race, Georgia, both the governor's race, the Secretary of State's race there, the Arkansas, there are some Trump factors as well. So he is a factor in the party. For a lot of people at home who don't want to talk about him and wish he would go away. He is not going away. And he is the dominant force in the Republican Party right now. He's right. No way around that.

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