Anti-death penalty advocate weds man on Oklahoma death row


An an anti anti death death penalty penalty advocate advocate has has married married a a man man on on Oklahoma's Oklahoma's death death row row Leah Leah Rogers Rogers says says she's she's keenly keenly aware aware of of the the realities realities facing facing her her and and Richard Richard Colossus Colossus it's it's a a very very unique unique set set of of circumstances circumstances obviously obviously not not everybody's everybody's gonna gonna understand understand that that Rodgers Rodgers spent spent more more than than a a decade decade advocating advocating for for an an end end to to capital capital punishment punishment her her new new husband husband was was twice twice convicted convicted and and sentenced sentenced to to die die for for ordering ordering the the nineteen nineteen ninety ninety seven seven killing killing of of the the owner owner of of the the Oklahoma Oklahoma City City motel motel we're we're gonna gonna support support for for rich rich surviving surviving execution execution three three execution execution accounts accounts possibly possibly facing facing off off for for a a little little one one thing thing he's he's really really taken taken away away from from that that is is don't don't take take anything anything for for granted granted in in an an AP AP interview interview Roger Roger bristled bristled at at the the suggestion suggestion Colossus Colossus notoriety notoriety is is what what attracted attracted her her to to him him there there is is absolutely absolutely nothing nothing romantic romantic about about the the person person you you love love facing facing not not just just death death but but a a potentially potentially pretty pretty torturous torturous death death Rogers Rogers says says the the focus focus should should be be on on gossips gossips innocence innocence adding adding he he has has already already lost lost twenty twenty five five years years of of his his life life I I bet bet Donahue Donahue

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