Congress approves import ban targeting forced labor in China


Congress Congress has has approved approved an an import import ban ban targeting targeting forced forced labor labor in in China China well well the the Biden Biden administration administration is is imposing imposing sanctions sanctions on on Beijing Beijing over over abuse abuse of of Uighurs Uighurs I'm I'm Ben Ben Thomas Thomas with with the the latest latest the the Senate Senate has has given given final final approval approval to to a a bill bill barring barring all all imports imports from from China's China's Xinjiang Xinjiang region region unless unless businesses businesses can can prove prove they they were were produced produced without without forced forced labor labor senator senator Marco Marco Rubio Rubio it it basically basically says says that that you you can't can't import import products products into into the the United United States States that that are are made made by by slave slave labor labor he he adds adds it's it's already already illegal illegal by by the the way way to to to to bring bring goods goods made made with with slave slave labor labor it's it's been been that that way way since since the the nineteen nineteen thirties thirties and and yet yet it it still still happened happened Rubio Rubio says says many many companies companies have have already already taken taken steps steps to to insure insure their their supply supply chains chains do do not not include include products products made made by by the the forced forced labor labor of of China's China's Uighur Uighur population population and and those those who who haven't haven't will will no no longer longer be be able able to to make make Americans Americans unwitting unwitting accomplices accomplices and and the the atrocities atrocities and and the the genocide genocide is is being being committed committed by by the the Chinese Chinese Communist Communist Party Party meanwhile meanwhile the the commerce commerce department department levied levied new new sanctions sanctions targeting targeting Chinese Chinese biotech biotech and and surveillance surveillance companies companies leading leading drone drone manufacturer manufacturer and and government government entities entities for for their their actions actions in in Xinjiang Xinjiang Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Washington Washington

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