Lee Smith Helps Us Unpack the Ukraine War


With us right now is Lee Smith. He is a well respected author and columnist and an expert on international relations as we are going to kind of just give an update on what's happening in Ukraine. We haven't even mentioned Ukraine for a couple of weeks, and nobody better than Lee Smith to help us unpack it, Lee. Welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Charlie, thank you very much for inviting me back. It's great to speak with you. And thanks for asking me to speak about this important topic. Look, I mean, what I have written, what I've explained in the past is a lot of the noise that we've seen coming out of the war. I mean, these are two countries at war, Russia and Ukraine. So we can expect for there to be all sorts of propaganda. And information warfare. What's peculiar about this, what's peculiar about this conflict is the amount of propaganda that's coming out of the United States. In particular, it's coming out of Washington regarding this war and as I've argued since the beginning of this conflict, what this indicates is information warfare is attached to real genuine operations. The information warfare that's being waged against the American people regarding the conflict in Russia and Ukraine is attached to genuine operations targeting the American public. In particular, you're a great audience may have seen yesterday a letter signed by former intelligence chiefs, including James clapper, Michael morrell, Leon Panetta, right? And what they are asking what they are warning is that the disinformation coming out of Russia means that the intelligence community needs more control over big tech. And if you break up big tech, if you go after Google, if you go after Apple, if you go after large big tech corporations, you're going to be making American national security vulnerable. And they've been so helpful so far. These big tech corporations to us here running national security. What I'm getting at is that Vladimir Putin's invasion of Russia has served as cover for the national security establishment to escalate its war against the American republic.

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