First Leading Cause of Inflation Is Biden's Government Spending


Go ahead And I'm here today to talk about solutions And there's going to be more We're going to have to talk about as well But first I want us to be crystal clear about the problem There are two leading causes of inflation we're seeing today Now ladies and gentlemen the first cause inflation Is spending like drunken marxists When you effectively print more paper you devalue the dollar You devalue its worth So you need more paper a bigger income a bigger pension more money To buy what you bought the day before That's what causes inflation Government causes inflation Government spending causes inflation Government borrowing causes inflation Government policy causes inflation I'm not Nostradamus But over a year ago I told you when they were passing these bills that they were destructive of our economic system they would cause hyperinflation And then along come 19 repute led by Mitch McConnell Who thrown with another trillion or so with so called infrastructure which most has not been used for infrastructure and much has gone into a dark hall So 19 republique in the cynic are also responsible Including Mitch McConnell But before that you'll recall they spent trillions of dollars on COVID but the problem is it didn't go to COVID So the vast majority didn't go to COVID It went to state governments particularly blue governments And the vast majority of the so called infrastructure money 91% of it didn't go to infrastructure

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