Disney Stock Craters Amid 'Special Status' Feud in Florida


I want to turn to Disney right now because this stock is just cratering. You know, part of it is the concern over whether or not some of these streaming services have sort of tapped out, right? There's so much content out there. There's so much information you can get. A lot of it's free and it's very competitive. This new marketplace. So Netflix proved that. They lost 200,000 subscribers. They're going to lose another 2 million, and investors are like, wow, okay, this is not worth what we thought. It was worth. Expectations are everything, right? And so now investors are looking around and they're saying, okay, it's not just Netflix. It's also other streaming companies, including Disney. And so today we saw shares of Disney continue to fall. In fact, in the after hours market, they are still falling down a little more than 1% in today's trading, ending down the day three and a half percent, a $115 and 77 cents a share. Maybe it's time for new leadership. Maybe this leadership is really not cut out for the challenges of this moment. And by challenges, I mean, not just the streaming challenge, but also the challenges from the political correctness police, right? So you have all of those issues going on as well. Disney is really up against it. And leadership really matters in the time like this. I would just point to bob Iger, and he was CEO of Disney during some really turbulent challenging times. And somehow Disney never quite stepped in it the way they keep stepping in it right now.

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