The Slippery Slope of the Transgender Rights Issue


You mentioned during the pandemic that suddenly parents got an opportunity via Zoom to look into really what their child was because now instead of asking the teacher they're turning to mom and dad and asking these questions and then we saw the transgender movement in what they were doing with our athletes of saying wait a minute the guy can compete against a girl and just the total unfairness of that lack of justice in that has been the thing that has caused the American people to rise up, moms and dads to say, no, wait a minute. You're not going to do that to my kid. So I think again, that they overplayed their hand in interjected that now into the workplace. Yeah, I mean, look, I always say this before I go into the trans issue. I don't recognize a lot of this nonsense around this issue. But I want the best for all people. We're all made in the image of God. I want nothing more than people that are living under this delusion internally to try to find Jesus Christ and realize that they are living under a delusion. And they need grace and compassion. However, like we could sort that out, we could have your own opinions on that. I'm not going to call you by your pronouns. If I see something different, like I'm not going to play that game. So however, I will say this though, regardless of all of that, the whole kind of bargain around the trans thing was supposed to be like, let us live our life and you live yours and we'll leave each other alone, right? That was kind of the whole thing. And so the personal opinions aside, it kind of sounded fair. Like, okay, you could obviously wear a dress in your own home, you could wear a dress publicly. We're not going to stop you, whatever, okay? That was kind of the way. Now, how naive, right? We were so naive to believe that all of a sudden this was going to be the end of it. And so what happens next? Will you have the 462nd best swimmer in the country who's a man who transitions to be a woman and then wins the NCAA championship, therefore disenfranchising the other women in the NCAA championship, right? And we're supposed to put up with this. And so someone asked me, well, Charlie, what do you think the solution to that is? Well, I think the solution is pretty simple, right? Which is, you know, make the person compete against their own biological sex. He could think he's a woman all day long, but you still got to compete against men like your own delusion is not my problem, right?

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