Why We Need to Fund, and Not Defund the Police


Katie king and the San Jose spotlight June 26th, 2020, congressman Khanna, explaining that police officers are a necessary part of society, Khan has said defunding the police didn't mean disbanding law enforcement altogether. But the representatives said it was time to examine whether funding is being appropriately distributed among police and other social services like education and affordable housing. Okay, that's two years ago, right after George Floyd, two years later, we have rising crime terrible, terrible crime in the inner city. Don't we need more funding for the police police as opposed to redistributing their funding? Yes, we do. At a meeting with the police chiefs in my district in San Jose and Sunnyvale and Fremont, about a year ago, we've got I'm sure you've read some of these terrible smash and break in crime smash and grab prime. And they said, we need more police. And I agree with that. And I think we need to uphold the rule of law. Not for ruining a young person's life if they break into a Walgreens, but I'm also not for you can do that and not have accountability and do that three, four times. And not face prosecution.

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