Rudy Giuliani: How Hunter Biden Hides Joe Biden's Money


In that film, he gets her to sign all the documents. So he's okay. That's the role hunt just seems to play. He pays for everything. He does everything so that Biden can have deniability. And you have and you have in the hard drive, you've got evidence of it. You have a number of things, a number that he paid for. Things will be unusual for a son to pay for tuition for the daughter. So generally, you pay for tuition for your children. You don't have your other children pay for it. The house needs to be repainted. Their house, the Biden house, not his. He pays for that. So wait, hunter. Right. This makes no sense. So why are they doing this? He's just like a way of getting the bribe money to Joe. That way you're not going to find it. Number two, there's no tax consequence for it. Joe should have paid taxes on all this. And also, there's money there's half of his salary, right? Did Joe pay taxes on that? And this gets delivered through, I am told, through corporations. It's put into corporations. Also, the Ukrainian prosecutor who I trust the most because he's been on this for 5 years. They fired him hired him back, fired him, hired him back. Zelensky had him for a while. He's paid some gains with this too. This guy will tell you that he has two foreign bank accounts. He knows one of them is the bidens because they have money going there from burisma. They have a woman who they're hiding because she's been threatened with death. There's no doubt in his mind, now I'm expressing his mind, not me. This is a witness. He says there's a two farm bank accounts, and each time he's gone after them, our Treasury Department blocks it.

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