Josh Mandel: My Opponents Are Desperate by Attacking My Family


What do you make of the way that people are dragging you and your family into the dirt What's that like They're desperate I mean my opponents are so desperate Listen my son Gideon is 5 years old My son Judah is 7 years old My daughter Rosie is 9 years old and we're raising them to be proud Americans to be patriots proud Jews and also just to treat everyone like a VIP I teach them you go to a restaurant it doesn't matter whether you're talking to the owner or the restaurant or the busboy You treat them with dignity and respect the same way You go to someone's office whether it's the owner of the company or the janitor You treat them the same way It doesn't matter what color skin they have what religion they are anything You just treat everyone like a VIP and that's what I'm trying to raise my kids I know it's how the vast vast majority of your listeners are raising their kids but we've got people in this race against me who are so desperate and just make up lies We've got people in the radical left and the secular left to attack me every day And listen I'm on phased by it I'm unafraid of it One of the 14 leadership traits and principles they taught us in the Marine Corps mark was bearing Keeping your bearing not getting too high and the good days not getting too low in the bad days just being steady and rock solid It's who I was as a marine It's who I will be as a United States senator It's who I am as a father and it's just how I'm wired

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