Caller: We Don't Expect Anybody to Pay Our Kid's College Debt


Tell me what you think about what you just heard from Elizabeth Warren. Well, I've been a first responder for 32 years, and we saved up for my kid to go to college. And our deal with him was, you will pay for your four years and then anything after that, you'll take care of. And we don't expect anybody to pay our kids college debt. And if we start doing this, these smaller colleges like where my kid went to school, are going to go bankrupt. And now my kid decided to serve, he's going to he's serving the United States Air Force now. So he's actually serving his country after he graduated college. So I just think it's ridiculous. I don't want anybody to pay my loans for me. Hey, man, and USB so proud of your son. Yes, sir. I am very proud. Well, we're proud of him too. We're proud of you, and I thank you for your service all these years, Tammy, because you get the right perspective. It's infuriating. I mean,

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