David McCormick: 3 Biggest Issues to Address in Pennsylvania


What are the big issues you're hearing about and why are you the best suited to address them You know Mark I hear the same three issues over and over again I've had enough focus groups here to know that I'm on the right track And they are first and foremost inflation Inflation is a huge drag on all of this We're at a 40 year high in an inflation But it really hurts working families It hurts elders on the fixed income And it hurts small businesses I was in a tool and die shop yesterday and owner told me it's killing him because all his inputs the materials he's buying are going up in price and of course he's not able to get the price and things he sells And it's doing great damage So that's the first one And it's a direct result of the socialist policies of Joe Biden make no mistake about it He's trying to blame it on other things It's bad policy Bad policy by the Federal Reserve and bad policy by our president The second is energy Energy comes up over and over again because as you know as a pennsylvanian Pennsylvania is blessed with incredible energy reserves we'd be about the fourth largest country in the world for natural gas if Pennsylvania or a country And it's unbelievably clean gas that we're able to share with the world And the Biden administration's war on energy has created huge uncertainties So nobody's drilling And it's hurt our energy workers and it's driven up the price of gas So when I started this Grady journey it cost me about 90 bucks to fill up my pickup It's about a 125 now It's because of bad policy And that of course has contributed to Ukraine which we can talk about as well And then the third issue is border Border border border it comes up over and over again It's because of the crisis and fentanyl in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which is the worst country in which state in the country per CAPiTA for fentanyl

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