Call to Support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews


Thank God for an organization like the international fellowship of Christians and Jews. Because they're delivering thanks to your generous support, plain loads of supplies for the people who are stranded and then when they emptied the plane, they are evacuating Ukrainian refugees and taking them to the safety of Israel. $45 will do that. Yesterday, you took us over, well, right at almost $50,000. In just a week, what a birthday gift. I asked you to make a donation in honor of my birthday. Let's keep it going because now we got a big announcement. We've been telling you to go to Mike online dot com where you can make an online donation, but you can now pick up your phone. That took them a little bit to get the phone line up and running and we now have it one 809 8 O 5 O 9 O. So if you'd like to make that just have your credit card and phone in your donation, it's real easy, you'll just take a couple of minutes over the phone, call 800 9 8 O 5 O 9 O that's 809 8 O 50 90 or just go to mic online dot com and thank you for helping these poor people escape the hell that they're living through.

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