Twitter Employee Mutiny Rises Amid Elon Musk's New Role


Of an explosive issue as we go into next month. Let me repeat that title 42, which has been in place since March 20 20 by the Trump administration. It will be repealed, I believe the date is May 23rd. So everybody's gearing up for some big challenges. You know, look, it's possible. It's possible that maybe the Biden administration will say, huh, that's not a good idea. Maybe we should put it back in place. I mean, you do have a lot of Democrats, including Maggie Hassan, at a New Hampshire John tester at a Montana. Joe Manchin out of West Virginia, along with Christian cinema, who of course is Arizona saying, you know, this isn't really going to work. And we can't actually have an end to title 42. So the drama lives on. Lots of news speaking of drama going on over at Twitter, Elon Musk of course, as we reported the other day, has taken a 9.2% stake in the company and that has a lot of employees. All you know is kind of nervous, kind of mad, kind of upset, threatening to quit, there's kind of a mutiny if you would going on over there at Twitter because Elon Musk is now joining the board. He's been asked to join the board and people are upset about that. They shouldn't be. They really shouldn't be, but nonetheless, this is such the world in which we live. And so according to a Washington Post article, the CEO of Twitter had a kind of ask me anything conversation or is going to have an ask me anything conversation with Elon Musk he had one himself Elon Musk is apparently going to address employees to address some of their concerns, but fundamentally, I think the problem here is ideology, right? For some reason, the left has thought it was absolutely okay to trample over any viewpoint that they didn't agree with. And that's what's been permitted on Twitter that's been permitted within the culture and it's gotten so out of hand that Elon Musk is coming along and saying, okay, this isn't working. It's not working for society. We can't even have humor anymore. Don't forget badly on B, which is a fantastic site. I encourage you, I encourage you to go and look at it, started by a great group of guys, Seth Dillon is running the company and the CEO there. And Elon Musk apparently loves

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