Dan Bongino Recalls Violent Situation in Kingston, Jamaica


I was thinking back to the time I had gone over to Kingston Jamaica which is not a war zone and it's case to Jamaica but they have a high crime rate so it can be dangerous depending on where you are what time of day But we found ourselves in my prior line of work in a really bad situation and we were there filming with this ABC crew for a book Jenna Bush was writing And we found ourselves caught at the end of this alley and a bunch of people came out that weren't necessarily friendly And some weapons and we got it all on video because it was being filmed for the thing We went back and looked at it later we were like gosh that was really bad So we went back to the hotel I forget what we were saying We went back to the hotel and that night we were having a few adult sodas afterwards The shift was over of course And I remember talking to the cameraman and I said to him you know it's interesting You never put the camera down that whole time He had these guys in front of you with the machetes and all this and you know you never put the camera down He kept filming he didn't even look even frazzled by it I keep in mind we're supposed to be these You know big you know tough masculine Secret Service dudes right And you know I was a little hanked out but I was like okay this could get ugly fast and I was scanning and looking around at all And yet this guy didn't seem worried at all and I talked to him about it I'm like you know that's kind of kind of cool how you didn't get frazzled He's like man let me tell you something This is nothing I was in Mogadishu and you know he was there when that whole Black Hawk down thing went down not filming that particular episode but right around that time when Somalia broke bad And he's like that was nothing

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