How Did Dinesh Conceive the Idea for '2016: Obama's America'?


I did mention Debbie. My name is Austin and I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Georgia. My writing partner and I bring some projects, but we're most excited about a conservative show concept. We'll finalizing this word. From a story standpoint, it compares the analogies of the famous books warnings to the current reality of the United States. Anyway, we would love to know how did you conceive the idea to make 2016 Obama's America with no filmmaking experience and how did you get those who are willing to help you make it such as funding, filmmaking, et cetera, because we're looking for that up to. Well, in my case, the idea of making the film arose out of a book that I had already published called the roots of Obama's rage. So I felt that I had a powerful new insight into Obama. And that would be intriguing as a film. Now, the conventional view of Obama was he was kind of a civil rights guy. He came out of the kind of tradition of Selma and Montgomery, the Martin Luther King tradition. And my point was no. Obama, it's not that he was born abroad, but he comes from a foreign perspective. He is absorbed, if you will, the dreams of his father. So I thought this was an interesting topic to be able to convert into a movie, although I didn't quite know how that would be done. As it turns out, a movie is a journey, and I would have to go to Hawaii and Indonesia, Kenya, and kind of track down almost physically the Obama story. But once I got the idea, I realized that, you know, I'm not on the left. I'm not like Michael Moore. I can't go marching into a studio and collect $10 million and say, okay, I'm going to make a movie now. So on our side, you've got to sort of build it out from the ground

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