Ghost Kitchen (MM #4037)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. There's a phrase in the food and beverage restaurant, even delivery industry. You're going to be hearing more about the coming years. It's called the ghost kitchen. A ghost kitchen is basically a kitchen and a warehouse, if you will, where the people at the grill make all sorts of different types of food. And what I'm reading about is restaurants, fast food places like Taco Bell, like McDonald's, all doing these kitchens where they don't have drive up customers, they're strictly creating these kitchens for delivery sake. So if you get your McDonald's or your Burger King or your pizza delivered, it's not coming from a store necessarily. It's coming from a ghost kitchen. Then some of these kitchens are even pretending to make these foods. I've got a friend who's getting involved in the ghost kitchen industry. And he won't talk a lot about it because it's got a hush hush right now, but I'm reading more about ghost kitchens here in Nashville. And it's going to get very interesting. I have a feeling. Ghost kitchens could be the future of food delivery. Could be the future of restaurants in general because nobody wants to go sit in a restaurant anymore. You can't find help. You can't find service and the food just isn't as good as it used to be. An interesting thought.

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