Matt Palumbo: The Left Are Primary Beneficiaries of Corporate Money


You know when it comes to Soros I find it ironic that when you write a book like you did backed up thoroughly resource with facts and footnotes That the left in order to get you to stop talking about one of their big donors will claim ridiculous absurdities like oh it's anti semitism which is hilariously stupid on its face Especially when it comes to me and you people who have actively supported I mean it's just a joke But it's really strange If you happen to be a conservative who happens to be black you're also a racist right away So you can't win the argument You are a minority group and you're a conservative You're definitely a racist Yet if you're a conservative regardless of what you've done historically to back minorities speaking about any liberal you are definitely an anti semite It's a lose lose isn't it Pretty much It is hilarious that I mean for the past I know 20 years preceding the past 5 the last was very vocal about getting money out of politics And I think in the most recent elections I go they realize that the primary beneficiaries of it I mean I remember when put together a chart and it was just showing like the hundred most influential organizations in America which was like the NYPD we were various colleges There are big corporations And I think all but two older nations went to Democrats I think the NYPD and some other law enforcement agency were the only marginally right wing major institutions in the country So you know they are the beneficiaries of billionaire money We really only like a Sheldon adelson On our side who was also Jewish yet no one really called an anti semitic to criticize him So no I mean these people ultimately don't really believe anything when they're throwing these claims out

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