The American People See Right Through the Media's Treatment of Biden


All right, I want to turn to this poll that just came out Americans, as I said, they get it. We get it. We've got a newly released poll that shows the American people really see through the media. And they see through how the media treats president Joe Biden. Effectively with kid gloves, right? Compared to how they treated former president Donald Trump, according to Rasmussen reports, the majority of Americans say, and I quote, the media does not question president Joe Biden as aggressively as they questioned former president Donald Trump. 54% of likely U.S. voters believe the news media are less aggressive in questioning Biden than they were Trump. Look, it's only 54% though. I mean, to me that to be like 95%, it is very clear that this media is quite biased. It's actually a big deal when they actually challenge him on things. Because they never seem to challenge him, and we've got all kinds of problems going on. In terms of our economy, in terms of the border, in terms of what we're going to continue to face with our economy. In terms of infant formula, that crisis that frankly, the administration should have been all over before it happened, or at least when it happened. Anyway, it seems that most Americans are wise to that. And it's important that we are, right? Because you have to be able to vote for the candidate that's going to offer the best opportunity in, well, November and also, again, in 2024, and if everyday Americans can see through the media as you know what, then I think that that's going to make a real

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