Robert Wilkie on Donald Trump's 'Real American Leadership'


Secretary Robert wilkie, welcome back to America professor. Thank you. You love you clearly have a passion for history, not just national security. As we were prepping for this show, you talked about this funny story about general Montgomery that you can share with us later. But let's go straight to the heart of the matter. It's been four weeks of war in Europe right now. I was on a British TV show at the weekend. And a conservative outlet. But one of the guests used this trope about president Trump that he was so crazy and unpredictable. My retort was, there was nothing crazy and there was nothing unpredictable. He said America first secure the border treat our allies friends and our enemies as enemies, which is what he did. So talk to us about the importance and I know you've been responding to the rally on news. Talk to us about the importance of personality in real politics. So let me just say why president Trump was in the mainstream of real American leadership. President Trump told the Europeans you have a GDP that's equal to the United States, your population is a little larger. You have lived under the good graces of the American people for 75 years. You have to pull your own weight. John Kennedy admonished de Gaulle and Aden hour. Back in 1961, he said you are living off the fat of the land. American land. So this is the president and the German Chancellor. Richard Nixon said we did not. We did not win World War II, to provide Europeans with two annual vacations. Donald Trump was in the mainstream of that thought. And this is why your point is so well taken. This is a serious business. It requires steel spine and that sounds trite. But aggressors know when they are facing someone who, yes, unpredictability in the mind of your enemy. Because of what you're doing, is essential.

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