Leftists Continue Using Tragedy to Advance Political Agenda


You know we recorded our show on Friday and by Saturday there had been an attack in Buffalo by Sunday there had been an attack in California And as always it becomes instantly not a battle to help the victims families not a battle to find out what was the underlying motive for this and try to prevent things like this from happening not that all got sidelined immediately as another round of genuinely awful human beings Had to promptly find a way to abuse this tragedy and the victims of it To further divide and destroy this country and burn it to the ground Now the tragedy another round of genuinely awful human beings abusing it it used to be Jim when I first got into radio about ten years ago they'd wait a day or two because they didn't want to their grifters and losers And they never wanted to appear like her if there's no losers Remember they'd wait like a day Use maybe they're two days Then it was down to a day then in the Obama era they'd wait just a couple hours Now it's instant Now people are still getting medical attention at the scene And there's some lunatic like that Rob Reiner That meath is meathead right Rob Reiner known only for one of the few characters whose actually smarter in the television series used than he is in real life Rob Reiner and others Keith olbermann who can't keep a job of course just minutes after trying to abuse this tragedy to advance a political story as a way to get back at Republicans

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