Dinesh Examines the Significance of J.D. Vance for the GOP's Future


There's an article about JD Vance, JD Vance, the author of the book hillbilly allergies, very good book, very moving book. Who is now running in Ohio for the Senate endorsed by Trump and JD events have become kind of a liberal celebrity after hillbilly allergies. In part because he described and kind of riveting autobiographical detail is sort of hard Scrabble origins, the very dysfunctional family life, his grandmother, setting his grandfather on fire. I mean, crazy stuff like that, boring alcohol all over him and lighting a match. And all of this is in the book. It's no wonder the book was a massive bestseller. But I'll let you in a lot of liberals and journalists would say this is actually helps us understand the Trump phenomenon. The fact that working class people very often people who are struggling or poor, they're not behaving the way they did under FDR, under FDR, the kind of white working class could be counted on to vote for the Democrats. That was actually FDR's base. But now these guys a lot of them moving over to the Republicans and they're particularly enthusiastic about Trump. And yet, and yet, initially, JD Vance was very critical of Trump. And in fact, saw Trump as somebody who was, you may almost say taking advantage of this group rather than truly reflecting its values. And of course, the left love this, they were like, here's the guy who's come from that background. Here is the true you may say, descendant of hillbillies. Now, of course, JD Vance is not himself a hillbilly. Here is a guy who went to Yale, Yale law school, and has worked for big financial corporations and he's made a big success of his life and even though in the book he amusingly describes how he, you know, the first time they asked him whether he wanted a chablis or whether he wanted solving you on blankey, he didn't really know what they were talking about. He thought that there were just two kinds of wine, one is white and the other is red and the idea that there was sort of nuances or options within white and within red, he thought this was some kind of a joke. So this is all very amusingly portrayed in the book, but JD Vance, I'm sure today has a favorite Cabernet and possibly a favorite Pinot Noir. But nevertheless, the left was able to say, look, this guy who kind of knows the white working class is understands them and knows the Trump is a fraud. Well, as it turns out, by 2020, JD events became a defender of Trump, voted for Trump, endorsed Trump. And now Trump has endorsed him, and as far as I can see, Trump Junior, Don Junior is on the road campaigning for JD Vance. And some of the other candidates, by the way, are, you know, obviously very grumpy about this, JD Vance has surged into the first place. In the, in the Senate campaign.

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