Ask Officer Tatum: What's the Truth About BLM?


Next question, it is no secret Chicago is one of if not the worst places in America when it comes to crime, but more specifically black and black crime. Do you have any thoughts as to why it is why it is if BLM wants to make sure that the world knows Black Lives Matter, what are they doing to work on that issue? Well, let me just make this very clear. BLM has no, I don't think they have any obligation. They don't have any desire to do anything for black people. It is literally a fundraising organization that threatens people and coerced them into giving money and influence so that they can push a political agenda. They're not doing nothing for black people. I have never seen because we see children getting shot in the head in Chicago all the time and drive by shootings. We see young men, black men getting murdered in the streets in cold blood, mass shootings every weekend, and they don't have a single picture of not one of those people on their website. I literally David dorn was a police officer for a retired police officer and got murdered, trying to defend a property. And some thug murdered him. He was on camera, and it looked worse than George Floyd, if you asked me, he didn't show up on a sicaria Turner, my followers raised over $300,000 for Sequoia Turner's family. And Sakura turned a young black girl in Atlanta, got shot in a crossfire between two black idiot black men who were shooting out in the parking lot. They didn't feature her not one time. There are so many young men and so many children that have been murdered senselessly and Black Lives Matter have not given them money. They have not mentioned them. They don't have no t-shirts, they don't have no fundraisers, but they make money on the backs of dead black men and that's their whole

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