Are All Reagan Presidential Foundation Board Members Reaganites?


It looks like mostly the board Of the Reagan foundation Which I feel a very close affinity to our Friends and surrogates and confidants of the chairman Fred Ryan to make sure he has no challenges And your little fare early on he was staff assistant at the pregnant president Reagan in the office of presidential advance Where of course he would have met his friend Fred Ryan Just giving you some examples Let's see here We have John lonsdale cofounder managing partner 8 VC a U.S. based venture capital firm which manages $4 billion Something is strange here mister producer Why all these individuals these investors these finance guys there aren't many reaganites on the Reagan border directors ladies and gentlemen and McLaughlin core locus is Steve Forbes is Then you have Susan McCall businesswoman former diplomat and philanthropist She served as the U.S. ambassador to the republic of Austria under whom And is currently president of S and R capital investments We have Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch those are two reaganites Peggy noonan really a reaganite name only Ted Olson used to be an old buddy of mine but he's crossed the railroad tracks Gerald parsky chairman of aurora capital Jim Patterson chairman chief executive officer for sole owner of the Patterson group Canada's third largest privately held company I know that was here oregano

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