Newsmax Host John Bachman Shares His Backstory


John, bob, I'm glad to have you with us today on dot com's podcast. It's not going to be with you. Have you called my friend? I guess that's what happens when you share your waffle House menu selections. You really become tight with somebody. Well, you know, when we get to be friends, you know, when I tell you what to order at waffle House, then we've got it down there. Hey, as we get started, one of the things I love to do in this podcast and when I do especially people politicians, I do media people is everybody knows us and I found this to be true and I think you probably have as well. If they see us in the airport or they see us have they know us from this right here, they know it from the camera if you would. They don't know the background. So span just a few minutes telling us, you know, where are you from? How you got here and just give us a good taste of who you are. Well, I'm from Marietta, Georgia originally. I was born actually my parents live in kennesaw when I was born. And we moved to Tampa pretty quickly thereafter and live there for 8 years, but moved back to Marietta when I was 8 years old. And from 8 years on all the way through my 5 years at the university of Georgia and there after my first job in television was in Augusta, Georgia was my home. I love it. I love the braise. I love the dogs. Having the Olympics there was fantastic as well. And it was just, you know, I think I lived there in a perfect time when the state to me, we learned about a three pillars, right? Wisdom justice and moderation. And all three things were readily available to me. Growing up in Marietta, I went to Davis elementary middle school and Lassiter high school for those folks to know. But it was such a great community because people were moving to Atlanta from all over the place. My parents were actually from the northeast, my dad settled in Atlanta in the 70s with my mom when we moved back there, but at that time in the late 80s, early 90s Atlanta was such a boom town and we had people from all over the place. And it was just such a great melting pot of different Americans and all kinds of folks, different races and religions. And I really felt like I had a wonderful public school experience and when it came time for college, the only thing I knew is that I wanted to go to an SEC football school. My dad went to graduate school at the university of Florida, and he took me to a game when I was four years old. It was a Florida Miami game. And it was one of my earliest memories, and I just love the whole thing. And then, you know, my sister went to auburn, and I was spent some time with her at all. My older sister, and I was like, this place is great. All these people are so nice on the planes. And I was like, it's a little boring though. And then finally, I didn't think I was gonna get into Georgia but I did get in and I went there and I had a bunch of buddies of mine who are you older than me in high school that went there and I spent some time with them and the moment I walked on campus I knew I was

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